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The Butterfly Effect

An interesting idea was proposed to me last night by one of my good friends and it got me to thinking a lot about the nature in which people would come into your life and at what times and places that it would happen. My friend, like many of the influential people that came into my life this year, all graduated from Cherry Creek High School in 2011. I was talking about my own vendetta […]

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Slap of Reality

There comes a point in the time of every person in my age group where they receive a slap of reality. It is a spiritual experience, a physical experience, a mental experience, and a personal experience. I have come to understand that there have been some people in my life that have brought me into some sort of new paradigm. My entire life as I understand it has been questioned from the words of various […]

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To the Seventeenth Member of the Continuum

About 8 and 1/2 months ago, at the dawning of this year, I first met you. At that point in time, I was undergoing a lot of pain from the rejection and fallback from the sixteenth member, along with the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteen member in quick succession in the previous summer. At first, I did not think of you in very high esteem, but it quickly became apparent that your entrance into my life […]

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