Another Year, Another Book

This year may be the last year that I release more than one book. My schedule may simply not allow for such a thing anymore. As soon as my website is completed with the majority of the content that it needs, my focus will shift to releasing one book and one essay per year for […]

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Through Minds Eyes This Week: Spiritual Mind

The first step to changing the world is changing yourself. The first step to changing yourself is changing your mindset. This change of mindset is at the heart of the readings this week. These readings revolve around the idea of the two minds that we have in life. There are two inherent natures about ourselves. […]

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Through Minds Eyes This Week: Enlightenment

This week’s readings are about the process of enlightenment. Enlightenment is something that is easy to seek because we all seek it in our life and it is there and in front of us, and the process that goes to enlightenment is something that is seen in every philosophy and religion, but it is the […]

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My process to the completion of the Grand Epoch of Through Minds’ Eyes, the completion of the locations of the temples, for now, and through the continued process of completing my website has brought me to thinking a lot about the people who brought me into this place. As I am writing this, I am […]

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Through Minds’ Eyes This Week: The Sinful and The Spiritual

This week’s readings in Through Minds Eyes talks about the nature of the human condition as it is described in most major religious traditions. The classical religions, as well as the ethnic religions before it, describes the human condition as being entirely bad and the purpose of our life is to bring us out of […]

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The State of the Epoch

This year will be a huge year for the Epoch. The biggest thing that is planned to happen is the release of the largest change to Through Minds’ Eyes as of yet, with the change of name, format, and the purpose of the book to come with it. In addition, I will be appearing on […]

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Epochal Doctrine and Covenants

A major new component of the website that is under development at this time is the Epochal version of Doctrine and Covenants. This version of the D and C is similar to the ones produced by the prophets who have come in the modern day to bring new revelation to light. This one is a […]

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Through Minds’ Eyes This Week: The Epiphany

Many of the prophets of the world experienced visions in their life. Many people of the current school of the prophets came into being because of the visions that they got that had their spiritual journey start. The epiphany comes to everyone as they come to a realization about their life. When they enter into […]

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The 12 Days of Christmastide

Yule, Hanukkah, Christmas, Sol Invictus, Kwanzaa… There are many holidays celebrated at this time of year because of the position of the sun. Religion started with the worship of the sun as an astronomical body and it evolved to the point that this body was representative of some of the most important Gods that we […]

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DIFA 2015 Official Speech

Ladies, Gentlemen, Distinguished Speakers and Award winners of the 12th annual Distinguished Influential Friends and Acquaintances Awards Ceremony, new members of the Hall of Fame, thank you for coming on this cold day to the south gym of Cherry Creek High School in Greenwood Village Colorado to take part in this ceremony. As many of […]

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