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The Anthem of the Angels

This week, I talk about the enlightened people and how they play a role in my, and all of our lives. We should constantly be looking to the life, teachings, and examples of the Christs and the prophets for our own inspiration in life. What we do with these teachings and lessons is up to us, but the entire purpose of my philosophy is to turn the teachings into action in accordance with our fulfillment […]

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The Battle Rages On

On the path to my real estate license and my decision as to where I am going to hang that license on the path to practice real estate, a new competitor has entered into the fray with a very enticing offer. I still have some time to decide, but it will fall down between Keller Williams and Re/Max. Both of them are offering essentially what will cost me the same amount of money, but the […]

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The Bringers of Wisdom

As many of you know, the core of the spiritual journey that I am embarking on and the core of my spirituality lies within the people that I embraced over the course of these many years. Most of them know of their place in my life, which has been met on their end with differing reactions. Despite their reactions to it, I maintain the list as it is because all of them have truly been […]

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Big Updates during Weekend

This weekend has already been a big weekend full of announcements. As many of you know, it is the eighth semi annual Prophet Profit weekend, which falls on the same weekend as the semi annual LDS conference. It tends to be a huge weekend for doctrinal development. Here are some of the highlights from doctrinal updates to the Church of the Americas and Epochalism. New requirements for the Ascension to the priesthood for integration ease […]

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I Shall Overcome

I have had yet another week of ups and downs. This is something that is a fact of life. Even though I am not at the lowest low, I am still not yet at the highest high. The personal confidence is rising, but I have not yet achieved my dreams and hopes for what I want. The most challenging thing for me is to gain some semblance of what I felt like I lost. Over […]

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The End of the First Epoch

At the beginning of the year, I met a young lady who I knew would be the last member of the continuum. Around the middle of the hear, when things fell apart with myself and her, I knew that something would happen in the void that would cause a great change to come to my life. Like the blood moon tonight, I knew that the vision, culmination, and transition would come together like they haven’t […]

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Real Estate Business Decision

I have made a decision regarding my real estate future. Barring any offers for other jobs, I have made a verbal commitment to join Re/Max Alliance in Denver, Colorado. The timeline to becoming a full broker and the process to getting to that point is forthcoming. There are many factors that play into that decision and it is something that I have thought long and hard to make. At this point, nothing has been written […]

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Becoming the Example

Even though I have my ideals and philosophic understandings of the world that I subscribe to and tell other people about, I am also a human and I succumb to the things of the world as well. One of the most glaring things that I do not seem to practice very well is the ideal of moving on in life. Even though it is one of the more important tenets of the philosophy, it is […]

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Sometimes Goodbye is a Second Chance

A year is just a period of time in which there are 365 days. I went through the majority of these 365 days while hopelessly in love with someone that doesn’t love me back. I’m sure that, at some point, she is going to read this and talk to me about it, but it has been on my mind and it has really hurt me. Why does it hurt me? It hurts me because I […]

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This week, a friend and I made a pact to commit to changing our lives. I have been so depressed over the past few months because of a variety of different situations that affected how I saw myself. I am lacking some things in my life that I have had in many differing capacities and I am making the pact to improve the things that I am able to improve so that I would hopefully […]

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