Thankfulness for Life

There are many reasons to be thankful as we celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Many people list them through their social media platforms, but I am doing it on my blog and I will post it to all of my social media at the same time. In this time of thinking about life […]

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The Only Guarantee of Life

My grandfather died Sunday night succumbing to the illnesses that he endured for the last ten years of his life. Along with that, he was in a lot of pain internally and externally. He was 78 years old. Our entire family is in a period of mourning for a couple of days, barring Thanksgiving, until […]

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This is how the Real Estate World Works

Over the past few months, I have been looking for a brokerage firm to belong to and to hang up my license, which I am about to get. In two weeks, I will have my license granted to me and I will be able to start dealing in the business of real estate. Real Estate […]

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The Spirit of the Earth

One of the most important doctrinal points of the philosophy is that the earth is a part of who we are. Many people talked about the living earth and the spirit of the earth, but it is true. There is some truth to the living earth, the ecosystem of the earth, and how we affect […]

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Gaining Momentum

My blog has gained a ton of momentum in recent weeks. In accordance with this momentum, I have made some small and calculated changes to my blog. The point of this is so that my blog will be more or less self sustaining. I am in the process of working on these changes because I […]

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The School of the Prophets

This week was the convening of the meeting of great minds to discuss important matters of the day. Many of these things that were discussed involved the nature and the state of the world. Many of the classes of the priesthood, the prophets, the angelic beings, and even the Christs, come together from time to […]

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Is Thankfulness at the Center?

This month is all about being thankful for something. In the United States, it is Thanksgiving in a couple of weeks and it is also the beginning of the holiday season. Although it is a season about receiving the good things in life that we look forward to, it is also a season of giving. […]

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Yes, things may actually be looking up

This has been a good week for me. Even though life may not be perfect at the moment and I am not in a place in my life to say that my life is all good, this week has been better than last week. In the past, there have been many times that I wanted […]

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Sometimes in life, we need to make sacrifices to get the things that we truly want and need. It is not easy to get those things, but the sacrifices that we make now are the things that we end up needing to get rid of from our life. I have had to make many of […]

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Are Things Finally Looking Up Yet?

I have given many thoughts to how my life has come to this point. This year has been different for me. I fell for someone who would, and has continued to, change the way of my thinking. For me, it seems like that things are looking up in some ways and not looking up in […]

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