Fear and Protest

There was a shooting today in Maryland at the Columbia Mall. A lone gunman shot at people somewhere near the food court according to news sources. It is saddening to see this happening all over. I am no stranger to having shootings close to home and when do we think about it and say, what is up with this world? We should not control guns because it is not the gun’s fault. It is the people that we should be more worried about. For every person who decides to shoot up a place, there are thousands that are law abiding citizens. We need to help the people to get better, not control the guns and get them off the streets. A gun is just an object.

Violence in Egypt and the Ukraine continues to escalate. There were bombings today in Cairo outside the police headquarters killing 80 people. In the Ukraine, the president refuses to give up power during protests which continue to escalate.

With all these protests going on, the US Government has devised a plan to get our Olympians out of Sochi if a terrorist attacks the Olympic Games. This is a very real threat because of the protests in the Ukraine and Russia along with its proximity to the Middle East and the fact that there will be thousands of people at the games. We can’t keep track of them all and terrorism is always a real threat during the Olympics.

It seems that even fans are starting to give up on supporting Justin Bieber. I personally don’t care at all, but fans of Justin Bieber are the problem. It is not him, he is just an idiot, but smart enough to take advantage of other idiots. He is also smart enough for his record label to take advantage of the only “talent” he has to naive teenage girls.

Off the heels of the March for Life and the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a Texas mother to be is on life support and the machine is being kept to keep a brain dead mother and a fetus alive. It has sparked many questions. Some want her off life support and others want to keep it on, mainly for the sake of keeping the fetus alive…

The French President’s image is being tarnished among many scandals and hopes that a meeting with the pope would help him get back on track. I don’t know what to expect in this meeting of two different worlds. The French President is a nonbeliever, enacting legislation to legalize gay marriage, and will attempt to keep religious issues at arms length.

Mike Huckabee is turning his “libido” scandal into an effort to increase fundraising for his PAC. This is sure to spark up more controversy and more money. Controversy truly creates cash.

With all these fears and protests going on in the world, it is easy to see that there is a lot of bad things about the world. We as humans are not perfect and we are in the world to take advantage of one another, but they are doing it so you can get a reaction. If you react in a way that they don’t expect, they will stop acting the way they do.

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