The Grammy Awards are tonight for the 56th year. It will prove to be a long shot for some of the races, however, and it will turn out to be an interesting one just like they are every year. I run my own ceremony for people who have been in my life and have influenced it the most. This ran just last month and will again in December of this year.

Speaking of celebrations of good friends, I am running a story tonight about an influential friend in my life and how I have discovered more about her than I ever realized I would. Stay tuned for that.

You never know who will influence your life and you never know what will happen to you as a result of this. For example, the brain dead Texas mother was taken off life support because that is what her family wanted. I was hoping for this outcome. It is not worth it to go through life without being able to interact with it.

On the other hand, religion is being seen as the cause of wars in the 21st century. I think issues like this will continue to escalate as the world continues to globalize and the wars become less and less about countries. The new war is with these groups of people who have their own ideals that are different than the ideals that are perpetrated. This is not a good way to live through life because it is something that is not for the greater good of society.

Speaking of undermining religion, many other articles have come up about the Irish religious and government authorities clashing over religious instruction in schools. There are also other stories about the battle between spirituality and religion as far as giving up God. It is not easy to be religious and give up god, just like how it is not easy to be spiritual or atheist and all of the sudden embracing religion again. It has been said many times before and I will say it again, religion is not the same as spirituality. You can have one without the other and people often do have this problem. It is a necessity to have a complete picture of life to embrace its beauty and its weaknesses. Look for these and more answers as I release my weekly special called: The Friend I Wish I Had.

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