True Friendship

It has happened many times before and it has happened again. I was taken out of plans and I have been abandoned by people that I thought were my friends.

For all the people that I interacted with in my life, there have been many people in my life who have abandoned me for one reason or another. There were people that I used to interact with that I no longer talk to today. Out of the many people that I talked to and have abandoned me in my life, there have been a few people in my life who have come and gone who influenced my life. I am discovering now that there are a few people in my life who have influenced me more than I can ever know. I am still discovering new things in my life about these people.

It seemed that the people who abandoned me in the past were people who were actually for my best interests. It is surprising, but all the people in my life who influenced my life and left me did it for my best interests. I thought at first that they did it for them, but it was also for me and my life.

What does it take to have a true friend? A true friend displays all the characteristics of an individual who would look out for you before themselves. It was not my friends in the past that were not true friends, it was me not being a true friend. I took everything they did personally and when they decided not to be my friend anymore, I took it personally too. Yes, I did make mistakes in my life and they did recognize it, but it was for my best interests in addition to their best interests.

I did not understand this until I was friends with Sara. I realized that I did not need her to be my friend anymore at a point in time where I knew that I had learned everything that I could have possibly learned from this friendship at the time and I left her for my best interests and her best interests.

This is my hope. I hope that I can find a true friend again. I want to have someone in my life that would influence my life and would take me further along my path of life. Things are different for me at this point in my journey. I don’t know what the future will bring, but I hope to find that again. I did not realize until now, but the friends I had in the past, the few jewels of friends in my life, influenced me not only then, but now and into the future. I am discovering more and more about my journey today and I hope that I can continue to learn more about these friendships and my past.

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