The big news of the day comes tonight in a few minutes called the State of the Union Address. Go and see what Obama will be taking action on this year and think about his policies for yourself. I will be doing an opinion piece on it tomorrow through this website.

One of the biggest pieces is on the minimum wage and how he is going to ask it to be raised to ten dollars an hour. On another note, he will also be asking congress to speed up approval of the much disputed and very controversial Trans Pacific Partnership.

The other big news this weekend is the Super Bowl (Go Broncos). It will also be my birthday celebration weekend and I will be delivering my own state of the person address. I will be laying out my own policies for the new year and for many new partnerships that are forming.

Speaking of important people, some people think that Kanye West is the stepping stone to Jesus… seriously.

There have been many clashes in the past 24 hours over the freedom of the exercise of religion. Kansas wants to increase religious practice, which may open the door for discrimination of LGBT communities. Religious freedoms are being tested like never before, and a pew forum study says that the United States has more restrictions on religion than Japan and the Congo. Religion in the US is a lot different than they are in other countries and the religious makeup of the United States is much different.

A ton of Americans say that God will have a say in the Super Bowl….. That is all. Seriously people? If your god is more worried about who wins the superbowl than the atrocities around the world, I will not worship your god.

With the clash of religion and politics, the state of the union tonight, and the super bowl, it seems that there are many clashes going on tonight. There are many people in the world who are divided, and that is exactly what they want. Our division allows for governments to control us. Take control of your life. I am now going to refer you to the article I wrote today about it.

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