Broken Systems

Amanda Knox, an American, and her boyfriend, have been convicted again in an Italian court of the murder of a British citizen. Heck, I didn’t know this even happened, but she was convicted and found guilty AGAIN!

In more guilty news, the Boston bomber who survived might be facing the death penalty. I am divided on the issue. While he does deserve it, it seems like an easy way to get out of facing hell. We are not sure if hell exists as we understand it, but we can sentence him to life in prison, a guaranteed hell. I think that we should work on our broken prison system. One of the main things I would do would to deal with these issues because we tend to ignore the way the justice system works. It is more complicated than it looks.

In better news, capitalism is saving the world again. Our economy just keeps going up. I will cover more about the economy in another piece, but I have positive vibes about the joys of capitalist economies. I love to cover economic news because I think that the systems that are in place around the world are very unique and lucrative. If there is one thing that I can say about the economy, it would be that governments are not the ones who truly make the economy work, it is people selling and innovating services and products. It is also about consumers wanting to buy things that they would find useful.

There have been many reactions on all sides to the State of the Union Address, with the most entertaining ones coming from Republicans. I have my own thoughts on the State of the Union Address that you can read in this blog as well (I posted about it yesterday).

For some inspiration for the day, I have been thinking a lot about the nature of why people come into your life. There will always be some people who come in to your life and leave your life for some very egotistical reasons. Many people in the world only think about themselves at the expense of the people that they thought about. We should all be people who think about those people that they affect. We should come in and leave the lives of people for the sake of those people, not yourselves.

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