Controversy Still Creates Ca$h

Chris Christie is still making headlines over the lane closure controversy in New Jersey. Will this affect any chances that he has in 2016? It is bad news for him and for the Republican Party as a whole because he is the best chance they have going into the White House. There are many stories on the issue and it just keeps getting more controversial because of the politics behind it.

In other news for the day, the Keystone XL pipeline is one step closer to completion. It will increase extraction in Canada and would connect the tar sands with the Gulf Coast. Our largest energy importer is actually Canada and I have mixed feelings about the project. I don’t think we can stop it from happening, but some good can come out of it for our energy future until we go to more renewables. We don’t have the technology yet, so we should still rely on oil for the time being. Our future comes from innovation, not just from a change in lifestyle.

More controversy is happening today with Amanda Knox and with Justin Bieber. Controversy is abounding in the news today. While it is important for people to see what is happening in the world, it is also important to look at the reason for things to happen. Some people may do it for the money and attention, just like Justin Bieber. These celebrities are not bad for taking advantage of the public, but it is not really news. There are more important things to look at around the world than the things that seem to be controversial. While it is important, it is also something that we have to pay attention to and we have to seek all the news that are out there.

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