Level 5 Leadership… Seriously People

Poor Chris Christie, he is getting so much crap right now. I am witnessing and somewhat enjoying the fall of his career. It just goes to show, if you want to be a public figure, you have to show qualities of a good leader. There is something called a Level 5 Leader, maybe he should look it up sometime and follow in its example. That is something that I preach with pride. Talking up a good example, following in it, and acting on it will lead you to your salvation. Chris Christie, and most other leaders for that matter, do not ever show all of those qualities.

The GOP may be struggling to raise money this year because of the fact that the party is dying. This is probably the beginning of the end for the GOP and we may see the rise of another party, just like my favorite party, the Libertarians. The party is starting to fracture because of what has been happening in the party over the past few years. A lot of people have been alienated from the GOP because of their policies and positions. Many people that were once a part of the Republican Party have left for various reasons.

So there is another Canadian that I learned about last night that seems to be very entrenched in controversy. The mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, has come under a ton of fire recently because of his drug and alcohol problems, leading to many other problems. I thought that the Chris Christie controversy was bad, but this seems to be ten times worse. Seriously, what is wrong with the leaders? Drunk on power perhaps? Level 5 Leadership people.

This is why we try to separate church and state. We don’t want one organization with too much power over the people and the indoctrination from birth. The Irish Catholic Church is still making news about the complaints about less religion in schools. Maybe they are just complaining that most people have two religions now, religion and sports. And the Easter/Christmas of the sporting year is tomorrow (Go Broncos). But, Peyton Manning is a Level 5 Leader in the opinion of many people, so even if we lose (we won’t), he won’t be mad.

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