Love and Loss

The Superbowl is today. My birthday is tonight/tomorrow. There has been a lot going on today. There has been some huge news developing and that is what I want to look at today.

Undoubtedly, the biggest news of the day so far has been the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman at age 46 due to drug overdose. That is huge news that almost competes with the news around the game today.

Documents confirm that Chris Christie knew about the lane closure controversy. This has actually prompted attacks by the DNC for any future elections and it seems as if that his days as a politician are numbered. I do think that the clouds are gathering and it will eventually run him out of any future in politics.

If you think the divide in our government is bad, Thailand just got done with a very controversial election that caused some provinces of that country to suspend voting because of anti-government protests. This is something that we don’t hear about and it is something that affects an important partner in the southeast Asian region.

Speaking of todays massive sporting event, the Quarterback of the Broncos, Peyton Manning, has won his 5th MVP award ahead of the Super Bowl. It is a record in the NFL and is a good boost to the morale of the game today.

The Super Bowl is the only football game that I like to watch. My hometown team being in it is an added bonus, but I will also be analyzing the commercials for you and telling you my opinion on the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is great marketing, but how will these companies spend their millions of dollars to appear during the game.

Now for some inspirational stuff, despite the fact that there are some big things happening today, don’t forget about the people that are losing things today. It is a good day for many people, but the loss of an actor, reputations, rights, and other things like money, family, friends, and opportunities happen every day, even on a day like today. It could very well happen to you too. Do not forget that. There is a lot to be excited for today, but things happen every day that we should think about. Life will not stop happening just because you don’t want it to.

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