Quality of Life for the 21st Year of My Life

What happened in my life in the past year? I published a book. I joined a newspaper. I ended an era. I made and I lost some of the best friends I ever had. I started a foundation. I started many blogs. I told the world who I was and what I want to do. I made change in my life for the better. I made it through tough times. I am taking advantage of an upward trajectory. Right now, my life is on the up. I am more hopeful than ever that I will be able to do what I want to accomplish. This year I hope to enter the transition into my life beyond college. I want to do more, I want to be more, but most of all, I want to mean more to the friends, acquaintances, and fans of my work and my life. I am striving to those goals

Economic Wellness: This coming year, I hope to have many avenues of increasing my economic stance and I hope to gain more capital through better paying jobs, more opportunities to write books and articles for money, and to raise money through ad revenue.

I will inject significant investment into increasing ad revenue and to decrease spending. I hope to continue to cut costs and to trim the budget to even better levels. I will also find avenues to increase my revenue levels in my hopes to save up for greater investments. I am not in debt at the moment, but I know that I will be able to cut costs to certain areas of the budget. The highlight of this plan will be the Selective Shopping Plan. I will go to the “best value for my money” in terms of food and necessities. This plan includes finding the best value for the freshest local produce, the best value for non-perishable items that will give me more traction in other commodities, and the cheapest places to find other items. To that end, I will also be increasing revenue.

Through my various jobs, I will find ways to get rid of jobs that are not making much money and I will find more avenues by which I will be able to increase my economic value per hour. With all the hard work that I am putting in now, I hope to see results in the coming months. I will not be spending too much money, but I hope to increase my investments and streamline my budget.

Environmental Wellness: This coming year, I hope to be able to spend less time on the computer and less time on the internet. I hope to spend less time doing social media. I want to strive for efficiency in my marketing and I hope to be able to spend less time on these social media websites. I am also working on doing my part to influence the world around me in a positive way. I will strive to spend more time balancing out parts of my life. How that is going to happen is unknown at this point.

Physical Wellness: This coming year, I hope to improve my image more by focusing on balancing my life further. Sometimes it is hard to do with time crunches, but I hope to be able to adjust my time and to make my time more efficient in the coming years.

Mental Wellness: With the theme of efficiency, I hope to find more time to be around other people and to make an impact on the lives of others. While it is not at its peak right now, I am finding ways for me to fit in and make my situation more ideal for what I want.

Workplace Wellness: This coming year, I expect my entire workplace situation to change. I expect to have an internship in the coming months and I expect to increase activity within groups that I am already heavily involved with. With an increase in getting these better jobs, I expect within the year to quit half the jobs that I have at this moment.

In my increasing desire to be a part of the CU Independent Newspaper, I am officially announcing my interest in increasing my involvement in the group from section editor to even primary editor to editor-in-chief. I know that I am not a journalist nor am I a journalism student, but this group has done so much to improve my life that I have a desire to take the place of some of my closest friends to continue the legacy. I want to increase awareness among the student population and I hope to bring in more than just journalism students. I have many plans that I am unable to implement in my position, but I hope that having more power will give me more legitimacy in that avenue.

In my other life, I hope to gain an internship that will usher me into my professional career. Not only will my revenues increase, but I will gain first hand insight into the world that I hope to take a major role in in this coming year. I will make it a priority of mine to get an internship.

I am also going to increase my output in my life as an author and a journalist. These are the two fields that I am also passionate about and I hope to increase my presence there. As far as being an author goes, I will be working on my own and with other publishers to release at least 5 books in the upcoming year. One of these books will be released within the month. A major work of 100,000 words is due to be released by my half birthday in August.

As far as being a journalist goes, I hope to write occasionally for a major paper in the upcoming year in addition to blogging for a major site. I will also be increasing my involvement in the CU Independent in the upcoming year. This will be a major step towards my goals. I will be working to better my skills as a writer and as an entrepreneur.

Social Wellness: This coming year, I am going to strive to make better friends. Being 21 gives me an unprecedented opportunity to tap into new social crowds. I hope to make a good and lasting friendship or two out of the groups that I am currently in. As an individual who lacks any close friends, I hope that this year will be a change for me and I can actually make a good friend in the process. As far as tackling a relationship goes, I do not know for sure, but it would be nice to have an opportunity to do that over the coming year.

At the close of 2013, I came into contact with great groups of people that I would want to expand on socially. I hope to be seen as more of an asset and I hope to become friends with some of these people outside the groups that I am a part of right now. I am also hoping to have more time to get out there since I have so little of it right now.

Political Wellness: I expect to see the continued independence of my life in every way. I even see an increase in the financial independence from others. I am also hoping to become politically active. In addition to getting more independence, I hope to get more involved in the world around me.

I am announcing that I will be pretending to run for president. Although I can’t actually run for any office right now, I will be blogging about my experiences and writing a book about a campaign that I hope to do over the next couple of years. I will blog about a theoretical campaign that I would like to run and it would be awesome to see the results. I am trying to prove a point about politics and I hope it inspires change in many aspects of our lives.

These goals for the coming year reflect two major themes. I want to make better use of the time that I have and I hope that I will be able to use the time that I get to impact the world around me and to make change in my life for the better. My life at the end of my 21st year of life was much better than the beginning and I am on a path to make it better still.

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