Apples and Oranges

The ObamaCare divide just got worse. Forecasts show that 2.3 million jobs will be lost because of the bill. Seriously, I have been saying this for a long time. ObamaCare was not comprehensive enough. More should have been done. This bill should be repealed and replaced with an actual bill that provides for greater insurance regulations. Insurance companies should not make as much profits as they do and more people should be able to afford coverage. Obamacare does one of these things, but it fails at everything else. I think that the bill should have been written by doctors, not politicians. This is the problem with the administration and the congress. What would it have been like if the bill was not bogged down with compromise? It should have been an all or nothing deal. Like many things in life, we have to appeal to all sides and change it. We should be more blunt.

The Olympic Games in Sochi open in a few days and more people are scared than they are excited. This is the first time that the Olympics have been held in Russia since the Soviet era and this is more of a representation of the politics than ever before. This olympics does not seem to be about the games. It seems to be about the politics and the games will be used as a secondary thing.

In Apples and Oranges news, Religion and Science clash today as Bill Nye faces off against Ken Ham. I have been talking a lot about the role of religion in our life. Comparing religion to science is like comparing apples and oranges. One wants to make an apple taste like an orange and look like an orange. The other one wants to eliminate the orange and say the apple has all the answers. The reality is that you need a little of both in your life as long as you use both of them in moderation. Both are important in your life.

That is all I have for today. It seems like everyone is taking sides in the news today and it is not just because of the stories that I listed above. People will try to entice you to take a side, but you have to follow your conscience.

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    1. Nye actually had some science background, but he doesn’t seem like one now. It was a PR event because both of them are TV guys. Real scientists would not even debate it and real atheists would not do it either. I enjoy a good debate though.

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