Cost Cutters

Two stories that remain huge in the news this week are the impending Olympic games and the problems with the Health Care Reform bill. I will be talking about both of them tonight.

The new Healthcare law has had a staggering impact on the mindset of both the Democrats and the Republicans. Obviously, the GOP was right about a few things and the Democrats don’t quite know how to go about this new realization. It is hard to grasp, but at least Obama did something about Health Care. Like I said before, the bill was pretty good in the original document but it got reduced down to appeal to both parties.

Obviously the bill should have been an all or nothing bill. It is also obvious that more should have been done to do the healthcare reforming. The healthcare system in this country is seriously messed up and the realizations about the loss of jobs and the increase in the deficit surprised even me. I knew that something was wrong, but the bill’s impact is staggering. Many more employers will try to avoid the implementation of the law to their workplaces and people will look for ways to get around it.

The other major news story is the controversy that surrounds the Olympics is the fact that terrorist threats are on the rise and that airlines have been warned about toothpaste bomb threats…. toothpaste…

In other news, I learned that two companies are making strides to save money. CVS is dropping tobacco products and United is dropping its Cleveland hub.

Now for some inspiration for the day. If you drop the baggage from your life, you can live your life to the most efficient extent possible. The Obamacare bill seems like a burden to us that would drive the economy down and that is what many people are starting to realize. We should cut costs and make it affordable, but i feel like there are better ways to do it. We should also look at cost cutting measures from our life like CVS and United Airlines will do. This is also like the way that I want to cut costs and raise revenue. It is good to be able to make your material life better in the right ways. A happy environment will make a happy life. No matter how much you have, you can make a heaven on earth in your life.


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