The Great Divides

Immigration reform is a huge issue that Obama hoped to accomplish this year. Boehner and the Republican Party, however, have huge trust issues that prevented them from enacting some true reforms. It is a matter of trust and nothing is going to get done until that gap narrows. It seems that immigration reform will remain a huge issue this year and this comes right after alarming results about healthcare reform.

There are other divides, this time between the United States and Russia, which is hosting the first day of the Winter Olympics today. It does not feel like that the Olympic spirit is in the air because of recent tensions between the United States and Russia on a variety of foreign policy issues like Syria and Iran. It seems like another “Cold War” is on the horizon between these two countries. Russia is proving itself as becoming a superpower again on the world stage and it seems that these tensions will get worse.

Between the Ukraine and the United States, it seems like Russia intercepted the secret call and has released important information. Although the United States blames Russia, the source is still not known. It is just one example of the many issues that arose between these two countries. Both of them want to influence affairs, but it seems as though that things don’t seem to be getting better anytime soon.

In other news, today, Obama declared that religious freedom is a national security issue. Religion is an important part of the life of many billions of people. Religion is also very important in our foreign policy. There is no doubt about it, religion is very important to our life and it influences even those who are not religious. Places around the world are experiencing religious persecution much worse than what the american people claim to be. The religious right cries out persecution, but what they are experiencing is a gross misunderstanding of persecution and freedom.

Despite our divides, we are still of one race. We are all important in the game of life. It is important for us to understand what is right and what is wrong. You can take sides, but which side is really right? What decisions are right and what decisions are wrong are entirely up to you. This is your life and you have influence based on the decisions that you make. Make every decision a good decision and the world will react whichever way you choose. You don’t have to take sides. We have an obligation as spiritual beings to remember what is right for all of us. Although it is easy to think of “me”, we need to think in such a way that “we” is important.


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