Syria and Sochi: The Real Issues

The city of Homs is being evacuated in parts because of the ongoing civil war in Syria. The problem has not gotten any better and it is something that the United States would not be able to handle. It has been proven time and time again that the United States will not do anything to alleviate the situation.

Meanwhile, the opening ceremony is happening as we speak in Sochi. It seems to have been a success despite what is happening all over the world in relation to the relationship between the United States and Russia. It is a sparkle, but there is a lot of darkness behind it and it is something that will remain in the news over the course of the Olympics. There were issues in the air today as a plane was hijacked and the terrorist wanted the plane to be diverted to Sochi. It was actually diverted to Istanbul where the terrorist was arrested.

The Republicans are nearing a deal to raise the debt ceiling. The extension ended today and doing it would be necessary for the country to receive loans. The debt ceiling remains a problem and although the deficit is shrinking, the debt remains high and it will continue to be high well into the future. This is an issue that always comes up in the history of our country, especially as we try to borrow more and more money.

The US Economy added 113,000 jobs last quarter and the unemployment rate dropped to 5.5%. It is more like 9% though because of the fact that many people gave up on searching for a job. It is a win for a recovering economy, but we still have a long way to go.

That is all the news that is actually newsworthy. Television hosts leaving shows and movies coming out are not as important as people being killed and evacuated in civil wars and superpowers jabbing at one another at the same time as major international sporting events. We need to focus on the issues that truly matter. There are six companies that own 90% of the media in the country. They control what we see and what they think is news. We need to look beyond the glam and see what is truly wrong with the world. There are real issues happening and many people do not know what is actually happening. It is saddening, really.

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