Imagine What it Would Be Like

Just as the Olympics are underway in Russia, a country that has seen an increase in crackdowns of same sex pride and displays throughout the country over the past year and an issue that has been at the center of the controversy around the Olympics, the United States took a major step in the other direction today. The justice department announced today that it will extend federal benefits to same sex couples. This is a major step in the direction of our society to a more accepting one. The battles that raged today are the same battles that have raged throughout the history of this country to give the same rights to minority groups of people. Although many will object to this, it is a reality of our life and it is something that we do not have to agree with, but is should be something that does not affect us in any way.

I really feel bad for the people in Syria. A UN Convoy was struck in Homs, which was just evacuated the other day. The situation in that country is sobering and I really feel like some sort of UN Peacekeeping mission is the best way to go about this. This should not be another failed invasion of the United States, but it should be a UN or NATO led force of people to get rid of the violence that is raging throughout the country.

When things in your life seems bad, it could be a lot worse. Imagine yourself as an innocent Syrian caught in the middle of a bloody war that is ravaging your country. Imagine that you lost your home and possessions to bombers. Imagine that you were evacuated from your house. Afflictions can even spread to this country. Imagine if you wake up every day and know that you are considered a second class citizen. What would it feel like to gain your freedom? Imagine what it would feel like to be an accepted part of the society that you contribute to? That is what is felt every day by people all over the world. When things seem tough, you don’t really know tough. You don’t have to start your life over. It is just a matter of moving on and having faith that your world will be better tomorrow.

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