Things Will Come and Go, But The World Will Stay Forever

Twenty-eight Republicans voted yes on the debt ceiling vote and unlike some past votes that broke with most of the GOP, this one does not look like it was driven by members in tough re-election fights.

Instead it looks mainly about the leadership (including House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio; Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va.; and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif.) along with some added members who took a tough vote. We count just five of the 28 running for re-election who are in some of the tougher general election fights for 2014.
The other interesting note is geography: most of the “yes” votes came from members in blue states – even if not in marginal districts – including a heavy contingent from California, New York, and Pennsylvania.
Federal Reserve chiefs may sometimes speak in code, but Janet Yellen, facing Congress for the first time in that role, was pretty clear: She doesn’t see the Fed backing off its “taper” of bond purchases, but she also thinks it’s too soon to think about raising interest rates.

Her overall message was to affirm the Fed’s current policies, and to defend them as the right course in an economy that’s improving but far from fully recovered.

She said the Fed expects the economy to grow “at a moderate pace this year and next,” that “too many Americans remain unemployed,” and that “I expect a great deal of continuity in [Fed] monetary policy.”

There were, of course, other big news of the day like the death of Shirley Temple and the ongoing cancer of Tom Brokaw. There is a common theme in all of these stories, however, and that is the passing on of the world despite what is happening in the world today.

Although it may seem that sometimes the world will stop when something major happens, the world will go on despite what you want it to think. Everything in life comes and goes and your life is temporary and a blink in the eye of the world around you. The world will move forward and as things go, things will come along again.

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