I Do Not Deny Climate Change, and People Turning Themselves In

US Secretary of State John Kerry will on Sunday issue a clarion call for the world to do to more to combat climate change, warning the planet is being pushed to “a tipping point of no return”.

In his keynote speech, the top US diplomat will highlight that Asian nations, many of them low-lying, are particularly under threat from rising sea levels.

“Kerry will call on the global community, not just countries, but individual citizens around the world, to do more now because addressing the threat of climate change will require a global solution,” a senior State Department official said.

The US Secretary of State, who has long been a passionate advocate of the need to protect the environment, arrived in Indonesia late on Saturday for bilateral meetings.

The notorious teenage “Craigslist killer,” Miranda Barbour, is awaiting trial for reportedly stabbing Troy LaFerrara multiple times on November 11. The 19-year-old has been sitting in a Pennsylvania jail cell awaiting a judge’s verdict. Barbour admitted to committing the murder with her husband. The couple’s three-week wedding anniversary was coming up, so they reportedly decided to kill someone together, calling it a “thrill kill” murder. The girl had allegedly used Craigslist Inc. to post an ad offering “companionship.”

Barbour says she has no remorse and “If I were to be released I would do this again,” she says. Barbour and her 22-year-old husband, Elytte, will both be facing the death penalty for LaFerrara’s death.

The 48-year-old man answered the ad, and went to meet Barbour in a shopping mall parking lot before they eventually headed to a different spot in Sunbury. In an interview with the Daily Item, Barbour said that she agreed to have sex with LaFerrara for $100.

Prosecutors say that Elytte hid beneath a blanket in the back seat of their car, waiting for his wife’s signal. When he got the signal, he jumped out from the back and wrapped a cord around LaFerrara’s neck. Barbour then allegedly stabbed the man 20 times. The victim’s body was discovered in an alley the next day.

CARACAS, Venezuela — Opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, the target of a Venezuelan police manhunt for allegedly inciting violence at anti-government protests that ended with three deaths, said Sunday that he will surrender himself after staging one more demonstration.

In a video shot in an undisclosed location, Lopez said he didn’t fear arrest but accused authorities of trying to violate his constitutional right to protest against President Nicolas Maduro’s socialist government.

On the heels of the debate between Bill Nye and a climate change denier, I want to put in my opinion on the issue of climate change. I think it is happening and I think it is a real threat to us, but the planet will be fine. I think we have the technology for the future there, but the energy companies want us to extract every ounce of oil and coal that there is for more $$$$. That is what they are after.

We are screwed long before the earth is. The earth has endured worse than us. We are a parasite and we need to focus on innovation, not a change in lifestyle. Changing lifestyles is hard, but possible, but the infrastructure of the United States will not catch up with the end of oil. The future is here, but we need to think about the world around us more than we are. While we are here, we have to do what we can for the future, even if we are not a part of it. We are a horrible species, but we don’t have to be. That is a choice.

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