The Two “Noah” Movies

That’s right, Ray Comfort is actually releasing a movie called “Noah” that is not the Hollywood version of it.


“Ray Comfort”

Same title, two totally different movies. Both of them turning out to be really bad of course…

I’ve been dreading this, on several levels. The problem isn’t the stellar cast, the talented director, the elaborate visuals or the Resurrection-Of-The-70s-Disaster-Film premise.

The problem is that, if the movie holds closely enough to the scriptural account (and that remains to be seen), we’ll quite likely see the film propped up by the likes of Ken Ham, a hundred megapastors and thousands of evangelical churches. This happens every decade or so.

When Mel Gibson released his torture-porn classic, “The Passion of the Christ,” churches organized special screenings and field trips to local theaters, and the vacuous bloodbath became one of the highest-grossing films of the year.

And here we stand again, awaiting the faithful’s misty-eyed embrace of their beloved Noah story and the emotion-based preaching, pleas and proselytizing that will follow.

And while so many audience members surrender to the screenwriter(s), the moody cinematography, the Oscar-bait cast, the squillion-dollar CGI effects, the pounding choral score and the goosebumps preceding the closing credits, the rest of us will find ourselves, again, attempting to snap the fingers of reason to awake them from their stupor.

It’s amazing that the story has been taught as fact for so long. After all, it fails to meet any logical, evidential or moral standard.

Don’t forget about the “Son of God” movie based on the bible series that came out on the “History” channel a few years ago.

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