I tried out journalism for a couple of months

As many of you very well know by this point, over the past week there have been some major changes in the course of my writing career. I left one opportunity to pursue other article writing opportunities which are now coming to me in droves. I have some mixed feelings about my former haunts and the people that I associated with in the past. A ton of revelations came to me in the past week that deeply hurt me and I am still heavy hearted from that. I still do not know how to react to that. I have some very mixed feelings that remain to me today.

I tried out journalism for a couple of months. I got my feet wet in that world. Now I understand that I will be making the news and not reporting on the news. I still do enjoy reporting on the news and the fact that I have thousands of hits and hundreds of followers makes any post that I make into a very influential piece of writing.

I wish there was a platform on campus for my writing. I wish I could be a part of a community of bloggers on one platform encompassing all of campus. I wish there was a website where students, faculty, and community members come together to host the conversation on campus and the community of Boulder. Alas…. That doesn’t exist….. At all.

So I am now going to announce a new project that I am thinking about. I am thinking about opening and running an open blogging site for the campus of the University of Colorado, for CU, by CU.

I wrote a blog post for the recent CUSG debates. Despite the fact that representatives and writers from all around came to cover the debates, my story appeared first and it appears to be the only one that was published. Is this a sign? I have been looking for a legacy to leave from my time on this campus. I may have found it with this blogging platform. This is it. The legacy.

If you’re interested in being a part of this project, please let me know. I am always open to investments, ideas, and opportunities.

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