Prophet vs Profit

I have been looking at this theme this weekend of prophet/profit. I have been encouraging you to switch off between the LDS Conference that has been happening and the hit CNBC show ‘The Profit’. I am also encouraging you to look at the differences between Prophet and Profit and how you can easily interchange these words this weekend.

Here are the two shows going on this weekend.




‘The Profit’ is a show on CNBC about Marcus Lemonis, the CEO of Camping World, saving small businesses with large amounts of investing and time.

Here are reasons why Marcus Lemonis could be a prophet…

  • He is a good business owner
  • He knows what he is talking about
  • He produces results
  • He makes claims about the future
  • You can learn a lot from him

On the other side, there is also the LDS General Conference, which is where leaders of the Mormon church come together to talk to their adherents. The members of the church consider the speakers to be living prophets.

Here is how the LDS leaders can be considered ‘The Profit’:

  • They all have business or law degrees
  • They run a church
  • They run a very rich church
  • The church owns a lot of assets
  • They receive 6 billion dollars a year from faithful members

So one is ‘The Profit’ and the other is ‘The Prophet’, but which one is which? You can make the argument for both on both sides, but it is entertaining and insightful none the less.


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