Reflections on this weekend

Quite a bit went on this weekend.

In addition to writing, doing homework, and other stuff, I’ve been watching three shows.

The Profit: http://www.cnbc.com/live-tv/the-profit

The General Conference of the LDS Church: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/sessions/2014/04?cid=HPSU040614654&lang=eng

So, who is who? Who is the profit and who is the prophet? I think that both of them could be considered both statements. Beyond the bigotry and doctrinal rhetoric, the LDS General Conference was very enlightening, but very dry and repetitive. Can they come up with new and exciting things? Also, no new temples were announced at all. That was not the most disappointing thing of the night…


Number of temples chart.GIF

In other news, WrestleMania…


I don’t quite know what to feel about it. I have some beef with some of the matches and some of the way it was built up, but it was okay. I felt like the bar should have been raised quality wise being an important anniversary.

This week:

I will be covering minute by minute updates of the CUSG Elections 2014 between Unite, Inspire, and Movement. Will Unite retain their dominanace? Will they be de-throned? Look here for minute by minute updates. I will announce results as I see them and they come.

I will also be covering some of the CWA 2014. The Conference of World Affairs returns this week for a dosage of new topics of interest to me.

I will also be announcing a new project codenamed the CUBA revolution.

So, CUSG, CWA, CUBA, lots of acronyms…

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