The Mormon Problems Never Die

I guess this is what I get after dating a couple of Mormons.

The reason why I am watching and listening to the LDS General Conference is because of my own journey and history. The Mormons and their influence has left an indelible mark on my beliefs, my journey, and who I choose to associate with.

I will never understand why this Church is so fascinating to me, but I enjoy it and I like the people despite what the beliefs of the Church are. I am ready for baptism in the LDS Church, but I do not see it as necessary. If I ever end up in Salt Lake City, I would make it a priority to be baptized for the sake of having a good standing in that society. You would be surprised as to how seriously they take religion there.

I think of myself as the second “Joseph Smith” and I think of Through Minds Eyes as the second “Book of Mormon”. I also think of the Church of the Americas Foundation as the second LDS Church and there are many aspects of my organization that are similar to the LDS Church.

No, the Mormon problems never die. I don’t see a problem with it, though.

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