A CUSG afternoon

Well it appears that I found the polling places. I was expecting something a little more elaborate…. A lot more elaborate. My question is now, why? The tables still have computers on them. Of course you are going to vote at the party tables with the party members breathing down your back… How many thousands of dollars are they spending on these polling stations? Yet another one of my failed stories from my CUI days explained this and I can’t remember. I wrote that down somewhere.

As you know, there are three parties running this year. Each of them set up tables right next to one another like fast food places on popular highways. All three of the parties trying to one up one another on issues that they either agree on or they cannot control as student leaders. If is just like the 2012 elections all over again.

Their focus on transperancy is a good goal, but will it be achieved? I’m uncertain, as my latest CWA venture took me.

I also love to note how the CUI managed to color in the parties based on the actual political affiliations. I think that I will be doing the same from this point on because it is woefully accurate. Like the 2012 presidential elections, however, they agree on everything they have power over.

Again, here are the three parties:

Unite – progressive powerhouse

Inspire – Conservative conglomerate

Movement – The third party that seems to lean conservative?

The “polling stations” are at the UMC, Norlin, Duane, and Wolf Law. I know that the Norlin one is on the first floor and the UMC one is on the second floor. They are a little difficult to find, as I said this morning.

I’m leaving campus for the day so this will be my last coverage of the CUSG for today. More to come tomorrow! Also, CUSG has a new and beautiful website (finally!)¬†http://cusg.colorado.edu/

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