A CUSG morning

And may the odds ever be in their favor. It is the big battle between Unite, Inspire, and Movement. The triple threat bout for your votes, and it’s gonna be a good one.

This week is the big week of acronyms. For this story, we are talking about CUSG. Here are the stats so far in my walk through campus this morning.

Number of visible polling places: Zero

Computers at the desks: Yes there are

Number of tables: A ton

Number of times that I was asked to vote: Too many to count

Polls have been open now for about three hours. Remember to log on to your myCUinfo and vote for your favorite people or party if you are along party lines like I am. I took no reservations in voting for a single party.

Unite and Inspire are neck and neck like they tend to be, but Movement is handling their tables like pros as well. It is a very good bout between the three.

The competition reminds me of capitalism. There is so much competition for your votes because of the razor thin margins that have happened over the years. It can come down to a handful of votes so the pressure is important and necessary. Everyone I talked to was happy with me just voting without telling them who I voted for.

Remember to vote!!!!! VOTE for anybody in CUSG!!!!!! Also, don’t forget to do your homework? Just read my blog post about the debates.

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