CUSG Elections: Transparency

On the second day of CUSG elections, I am going to focus on something that everyone has been focusing on running on for the CUSG. Transparency.

We want transparency in Student Fees.

We want transparency in accessibility.

We want transparency in…. well a tron of other things.

That is the major issue facing the CUSG today. With different parties controlling the CUSG every year, there seems to be a ton of difficulty in getting much of anything done with the administrative aspects of the CUSG. Sure, they are doing a ton of stuff outside the CUSG, but are they doing the same inside the CUSG to make things better? The majority of students say no.

People appreciate what is happening on the outside, but they want to know what is happening on the inside as well.

Essentially, the students care about what is going on in the inside as much as they are about the outside. ┬áThat’s the bottom line and that is what the major differences entail.

We are quickly realizing that we are not looking for tuition to ever go down, but we do want to know what our money is going to and how we can access these same resources. That is what the CUSG seems to be neglecting to do to some extent. We need resources to let us know what is going on inside and outside the campus community. Transparency is key, and that is what CUBA is. That announcement will come tonight.

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