The final acronym of the week

This is it. I am announcing the last acronym of the week, CUBA, because I have the website done finally.

What is CUBA?

The C means…. C

The U means…. U

Okay, it is a CU related thing.

B means…. Blog

Now things are getting interesting

A means….. Association


That is it.

A website that will one day serve as the platform for premium blogging content. We will manage all the content. We will be the pulse of campus. We will host the conversation.

Hopefully, CUSG would want to get behind it…. hopefully.

I think the concept is pretty cool. It is also the start of a media organization that will hopefully one day serve as the official student media of the CU campus…. a day that I may never see.

For right now, I am looking for any kind of support and I would want to get a team together. I am going to get to that at some point. There is no site up yet that serves as the official website so the website is not called the CU Blogging Association. The CUBA is the name of the company that manages the website which will come up one day.

So… we will see if it gets off the ground. Obviously it is going to require some big name support and a group of people who would want to tackle this project as well.

Enjoy your Tuesday night! More coverage of many things tomorrow! Yay!

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