All the little acronyms… hopefully.

So, now we have all the initials. We talked about the CUSG, the CWA, and the CUBA revolution. That’s right… revolution.

A revolution in media. I would like to eventually have all the media consolidated in some way under the organization that sprang from CUBA. But I need some help……

So, how will other media organizations react? They will laugh, they will mock, but they do not know that they will eventually cry… when I try to buy them out? Maybe….. maybe.

For now, I will have to steal the best minds across the writing majors like the creative writers, humanities, and even the media and journalism departments. You want to blog? Help me create a conglomerate? Monopoly?… I prefer…. capitalism.

I also need lots and lots of help. I need money, I need support, and I need people willing to work to create this.

Anyways, we digress for now. In the meantime, the CUSG elections are really heating up in the past 24 hours. We have people voting at tables for the other party. We have unceasing pleads to vote. Then there’s me….. they are so proud of me for voting.

So… proud….

CWA, the only event that I would actually clone myself for on purpose. Nothing has been bad and everything has been lovely. That is all I have to say about that.

I went to a panel about green energy and I hope that I can make a monopoly on it one day. Like the Saudi Aramco of green energy…. but green energy.

Anyways, you have 24 hours to vote for CUSG, so vote for CUSG!!! And look for my monopoly…. err…. group to come up soon?… hopefully…

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