I woke up and Unite won the CUSG elections

I had the craziest time with Inspire winning the ticket. I experienced happiness… then I woke up and realized Unite won… but I still experienced happiness. (At least now all of you know who I voted for hint^)

Congrats to the Unite party, which won all the seats in the CUSG that were being decided upon this year. The dominance shall continue with Unite still taking a hold of the CUSG. The upside to this is that the policies that were begun over the past year should be able to continue without a hitch.

Juedon Kebede, Lora Roberts and Chelsea Canada will take office as tri-executives.

Aleiya Amaya, Benjamin Nguyen, Caitlin Pratt and Katie Raitz will represent the student body as representatives-at-large along with the people who won in the elections in Fall of 2013.

20 percent of the student body voted. I think that Unite won because they were already so dominant in office and I think that the results of their efforts showed. I am proud of their hard work and dedication to this campus community and I am looking forward to another year.

I do not understand totally the party system with CUSG, but I think it creates some interesting dynamics.

What I find really interesting is that the conservative Inspire ticket won many seats in the Engineering Elections.

As predicted, the conservative voters were split between the Inspire and the Movement parties. This along with the experience of the Unite party allowed it to win. It was more obvious as to who won this year as a result of it.

Still, a man can dream about Inspire winning, but it did not happen this year.

But, I don’t care about party lines so much anymore. I am just going to sit back and build a media conglomerate. No big deal here. I am not a journalist, I am not a politician, but what I am good at is business.

Unfortunately, you did not hear it first on here. The CUI had me beat by minutes. As far as that goes and Inspire losing the main ticket, well… “that’s too bad” I guess 😉

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