Another year, another conference

The 66th Annual Conference on World Affairs comes to a close. As you all may know, this is my favorite event of the year. A conference on world affairs? Count me and the clones I hope to produce just for this occasion in. This will be the most memorable thing that I will leave with, but I still have the opportunity to attend it next year!

I attended about a half a dozen talks of all types that provided me a lot if insight into a couple of different topics.

Here is a list of conferences I actually went to:

Young Entrepreneurs, Your economy needs you

The wisdom of uncertainty

Alternative Energy: Hip to be green

Religion is personal

Cable News: Polarization is popular

American Regionalism

What dying cities can learn from thriving cities

Great talks. Another year of great conferences. Of course, there were about 20 more that I wish I could have gotten a chance to get to.

I hope one day that I will have the opportunity to give a talk or two at a future conference.

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