How did Unite dominate the CUSG elections?


Last night, it was announced on my website that Unite won the CU Student Government elections. They won in a huge way. Here are the preliminary election results.

CUSG Elections 2014

Looking at these results made some things very obvious to all of us and it contributed to their dominance. Unlike previous elections, which saw numbers that were very close, it is clear with this election that the third party made its presence known.

Let’s talk about Movement.

They and Inspire clearly had many of the same values and that caused the voters to be split. I also think that Unite had not only much more experience, but they had many more resources at their disposal. These are the primary factors that contributed to their domination in all elections. Movement did not win a single seat in any election. I do not expect the Movement party to come again.

It is of no surprise at all that Boulder is a very liberal area of the country and a very “progressive” area of the country, and the domination by the “progressive” party of CU matches the values of the community. Unite has also done a ton of work over the past year to make the campus a better place and that also contributed to their platform and win.

The biggest thing that they done clearly was to help to place limits on tuition increases. That is one of the biggest issues facing all students and the work of the Unite party showed in that display of diplomacy with administration and legislatures.

They also appealed to a large swath of students and contributes a lot of their presence to student groups across campus. Their work in that field helped to bring a lot of student leaders throughout campus together. I do not have the breakdown of results by school, but I expected that Unite dominated in appeal to the school of Arts and Sciences, while Inspire and Movement gained a little more ground in the business and engineering schools. Inspire had even won a couple of seats in the engineering school elections.

The results are not final, but the fact that all votes are cast online makes for some very fast results and very little error in counting. The domination of the Unite party this election would make it very hard to dispute. Unless massive voter fraud was committed, I do not see anything changing.

Tri-Executives UNITE

The tri-executives for CUSG next year are already very active members of the CUSG, so I would expect things to go along as they have done in the past year. Again, congrats to the Unite party for their hard work in the past year and the fact that a third party somehow came up to display the dominance of this party among the student body.

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