Pokemon Rainbow Version info

Many of you already know that I have been working on creating pokemon games since 2004. It has since evolved into an entire series of games that I have added 4 new regions, 500 new pokemon, 3 new elemental types, and more recently, have been known to create more dramatic stories around the Star Ruby and Star Sapphire remakes. This year will be the release of my first 6th gen games, Star Ruby and Star Sapphire III, and now I am going to announce the release of the second games slated for completion in 2015.

This will be Pokemon Rainbow Version, which is a direct sequel to Star Ruby and Star Sapphire III. Ryan and Katie left the Vallejo region from those games, and word on the street is that they settled in the pokemon region of Johto. This requires investigation by a variety of sources, including a newspaper, the king of the kingdom, the enemy teams, and a young trainer beginning their journey.

Find out what everyone will be up to. The story will remain similar, but there will be a ton of side stories and side quests that the player can interact with. Find out who is playable, what new features are announced, and what will stay the same in future installments. This game will be largely based off an idea that my brother and I had more than a decade ago, and now it will come to life.

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