The Continuum

I have been talking a lot about what I can do this weekend since I am trying to find something to celebrate. I don’t celebrate marijuana, I don’t really celebrate Easter anymore, at least in the Christian sense, and I don’t really have anything else going on. We are close to the fifth anniversary of the first vision of my spiritual journey, but that won’t be for a couple more weeks.

I have a group of people in my life who have been very important to my development as an individual. I have divided all of them in the past in groups called ‘continuums’. In the past, the primary continuum was at first known as the ten guardian angels and the two witnesses, but I decided to change that into the first continuum. The second continuum consisted of the twelve minor guardian angels. Because of the increasing numbers, I decided to change the nature of these lists and now have four continuum lists. Here are the criteria for determining who someone is and where they fit.

Primary: Primary shaper of the spiritual journey, contributed greatly to life events and decisions. They were once known as the Guardian Angels.

Secondary: Contributed to my spiritual development, the difference being in that they were not primary motivators of my life and my future. They in many cases were friends and acquaintances of the primary continuum. They were once part of the minor guardian angelic beings.

Tertiary: These are the people that displayed admirable characteristics to me and are considered the first of the acquaintance class. They displayed characteristics of virtues that I needed to learn at the time.

Quaternary: These people served more practical roles. They were seen as people who supported my life in that way, guiding me down my path through life.

These lists are meant to serve as recognizing people who influenced my life. Like the long running Distinguished Friends Awards and the Friends Hall of Fame, it focuses exclusively on people mainly from the past. Everyone in my life is important in some way, but some people change my life more than other people do. As with the DFA and the FHOF, the Continuum does not allow family members. This weekend I will announce some new classifications and people. I am going to talk more about friendship and what it means to me in a post tomorrow.

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