People change your life in the most unexpected ways

What does it mean to be a friend? I am considering this question because this year seems to be different in terms of who I would classify in the lists of the continuum. Should I even consider a non-friend as a member of the primary continuum? Probably not, but it has been on my mind. I have not had anyone in my life that I considered a part of that exclusive group since this time last year, when my former flame Katie was accepted into this exclusive group of people.

After the Distinguished Friends Awards, this is the most important time of my personal reflection on my life and what place the people in my life hold. I have had many people in my life influence me, but where in the continuum do they belong? What is their place in my life?

People are allowed to move up in the continuum. If I place people in the secondary list, I will be able to move them up if they become a significant fixture in my life going into the future. That is the hope. I believe that the next of the primary continuum will come into my life through this process. I don’t know who. Rumors abound about the future of my life. I don’t even know who would want that position in my life. Most people do not come into my life with the intention of changing my life, but many people do.

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