The stoners won, now shut up about 4/20

So, 420 is the famous code for Marijuana possession in California and has since become a holiday for marijuana smokers anywhere. CU Boulder is closing campus for six hours on that day so that the smoke out does not happen. It will never happen again…

In Denver, the party will last all weekend with smokers coming out for two days to have a massive smoke out at Civic Center park. I feel like most people would go there and decide not to smoke at the campus. The fear that smoking is illegal on campus anyways should be enough to keep them out. The fun activities in Denver should draw all the people from Boulder.

There is no need to have a massive police presence. I don’t think they will this year. My prediction? This will be the very last year of it. I think that next year, being a weekday, most people on campus would be around and the campus would be too busy to risk breaking the law just to be able to smoke on campus.

That is just my opinion. I don’t actually smoke marijuana, so I will be covering parts of the lack of 4/20 on campus. Look for my “lack of 4/20 report” this Sunday on this blog.

This may be the last year of the police state. Next year is a weekday and there will be even less incentive to want to smoke on a campus that would then be very busy and have police around it normally. Once upon a time, marijuana was a big deal and was around to stick it to the man. Now, the stoners won and there will be a party in Denver. Go smoke out the civic center park. Thank you.

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