The Continuum Weekend

The second annual Continuum weekend is here. There have been many more people in my life changing my life in the most unexpected ways and I want to take this weekend to recognize these people for their contribution to my development as an individual.

There are four continuum lists. The primary continuum has 12 members and the secondary continuum has 20 members. The tertiary and quaternary continuums have significantly more people, but are important in their own ways.

The primary and secondary lists are also the hardest to get into and the most talked about of all the lists. The weekend will consist of five main sessions with elections, decisions, and cases being heard from all sides. It is of significant importance in my life and I hope that you can take the weekend to think about the important people in your life. You can learn the most from people who are not even your family and it is always important to note their contributions into your life.

Although it is mainly for my own sake, I hope that everyone who reads this takes the time to think about these people. Your friends are important and they are not to be taken for granted. Just because I think that someone is important does not mean that they place the same importance on me. People come into your life at particular times in your life to fulfill a specific purpose to make you into a better person. This time, I get to think them and recognize them for their contributions. Deliberations start tomorrow and the additions to the lists occur Sunday afternoon.

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