Who made it to the list?

Not since the nomination and acceptance of Katie McManus in 2013 has there been a member of the primary continuum added. These are some of the most important friends that I ever had. Has member number 13 been added? Deliberations and nominations have been accepted and rejected. Just because someone does not make a list does not mean that they are somehow less important, but it means that I have thought long and hard and realized that they did not make the impact that I hoped for or the kind of impact I wanted.

Primary Continuum:

Both nominations were rejected and the number remains at 12.

Secondary Continuum:

All five nominations were accepted and the number rises to 25.

Tertiary Continuum:

All ten nominations were accepted and the number rises to 40.

Also, the date for the 2014 Distinguished Friends Awards was set and the first three members of the 2014 Friends Hall of Fame was announced, the Palme brothers (John and Mike) and Olivia Walters, both childhood friends from elementary school, were announced to join the first 20 members of the hall of fame. More members will be announced at a later date.

The next event will take place at the end of June and the type of event announced will be determined. Updated lists of the continuum will be announced sometime next week.

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