Five years since the First Vision

A thought came to my head today that will serve as the theme for the next couple of weeks.

May 9, 2014 will be the fifth anniversary of the night that started all of this. Five years ago, an event changed my life in a small mountain town. It was the event that spawned a spiritual journey that has been immortalized through my book, my philosophy, my foundation, and brought me down a path to twelve very special people that put me down a path that still influences me to this day.

Thinking about the continuum that just ended this weekend. I want to believe that the era still continues. I have not had anyone in my life since I ended my friendship with Katie about a year ago. When we parted ways, I did not know what the future would bring, but I still have not had that come to me.

Obviously, I thought that another one had come along the way. When I had two friends nominated over the weekend for the primary continuum as the thirteenth member, I thought to myself that these two, although they contributed a lot to my life in terms of support and wisdom, just did not match the level that I expected and saw in the past, and that is the reason why they were not successful in terms of changing the course of my life.

Along with the fifth anniversary of the first vision, I am also close to releasing the first of nine books of the second edition of Through Minds’ Eyes. Mainly, it consists of stories collected over the years of my journey since that day in 2009 and it describes the struggles I faced and the triumphs I celebrated. It also consists of all the wisdom I learned over those years, and that is what I hope to share with all of you.

In celebration of this, I will release some entries from these pages from over the years and I hope to impart this wisdom to all of you so that maybe you can learn a little about yourself as well.

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