May this be the end of the Continuum?

Over the weekend, two people were rejected to the list of the most important people in my life and it was not for reasons that I expected. The issue was not the people that were involved. They had many of the qualities that I was looking for in a good friend, but the issue goes deeper. I think that the criteria for the meaning of ‘friendship’ and ‘relationship’ in my life changed so much that it is not what it was.

In the past, there were certain criteria that had to be met. The people that were nominated were people of whom I had very different kinds of friendships with than in the past. My attempt to place those two in the same list as people I had a crush on in high school was not to be, because I did not have that kind of friendship or relationship with them. That is why expanding the list was rejected and that is why I have proposed closing the list and making a new one.

It will have been almost a full year since Katie left my life and it has been almost 5 years since the first vision and my life has changed dramatically over that year and those five years. The relationships I have had with people in my life has shifted to something that is completely outside of what I am used to.

There are people in this world that come through and change my life all the time, provide me with new wisdom and hope, and are a great support structure to my life and they deserve all the honor that I have in the world to give them. I just can’t place them in the same league as the people that I fell for in High School and part of college before the release of my book and a higher stage of self-actualization.

I want to honor these people in my life, but I need to redefine what i consider to be a true and just friend because things in my life have changed so much. That is why I am proposing that I will be closing the primary continuum list at 12 people and then making a new list out of my redefinition of what I am looking for in a friend.

The book I am working on right now is the description of my journey from May 2009 to September 2013, and that may be the entirety of that part of my journey. I will investigate what has changed and I will then tell the world because I think that it will prove to be a great source of insight and wisdom for everyone to follow.

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