I think I just won the economy

Tonight, I went to the CUSG Handover ceremony. The 81st session is now in control of the CU Student Government. What did I see? One Roberts twin was replaced by the other Roberts twin. That is exactly what happened.

Now, I’ve known the Roberts for many years. I had a class with one of them my senior year…. of high school. In fact, our history goes so far back that one of their best friends in middle school just so happens to be the young woman that I fell in love with five years ago and the ultimate reason that I embarked on some little journey in that time that would change my life forever.

Now, this young lady was instrumental in starting basically the entire journey that set me on the path that brought me to where I am today. She has won numerous personal awards in my life, considered by my philosophy as the human representative of the Guardian Angel of Ephesus in my life and journey, and is in the Ryan Hite Hall of Fame. She works at some hockey rink and goes to school somewhere in Arizona, but her contribution to my life has been instrumental in shaping me into the person that I am today.

Now, Shannon may have been the first of this list, but I have been thinking that the list needs to be closed and that I decided to close it. She was considered one of the teenageresque crushes and a clear high school crush. I am in a new era now. The people that influence me are not the people that once influenced me.

Now, many of you know that I did journalism for a few months. I would rather make the news than report the news. The fact that many of my friends… colleagues… in the journalism department cannot win the economy because of media law…

That is why I am renaming the International Broadcasting Centre in my gateway to the world that I will build in southern Colorado when I return to the state in a blaze of glory after spending time in the current gateway to the world. I am christening it the Noon International Broadcasting Centre, which will be the head of the Media Corporation after spending a little time as the Olympic Broadcasting Center. I will save the journalism industry, but that won’t be the only industry that I save.

In 30 years, I think that the journalism and the print media industry will face a crisis. I will be there to save all the newspapers and I will have control over them. In 30 years, everyone will want green energy, high speed trains, and better airlines, and I will provide all of them. I am so forward thinking that I will save entire industries and will take control of them at the same time. I think that I just won the economy guys….

So I name another massive multi-billion dollar building after someone that people will come in and say “who the heck is this person?”. That seems to be a theme here, but it is important to me for all that they do in my life and made me into a continually better person. I will build this gateway to the world on a piece of ranch land and I will develop massive campuses and buildings that are named after little known people.

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