The Final Week

We are coming up on May… and only 365 days until I graduate from college and move to a big city… a bigger city (like New York).

I will also be doing a series of blogs next week reflecting on this past year of my studies at CU Boulder. One of those topics would be on that little newspaper that defined this past year. I will be spending an entire blog on it and I will also be discussing my plans… my evil media conglomerate plans…

In the meantime, however, I will also be doing other things this summer, like writing more children (books), real estate, Course Hero, and blogging, and possibly the CU Student Government…. but we’ll see what happens in the meantime. Summer does not officially start until Morgan County has at least a severe thunderstorm.. because everyone from Colorado knows that it is this county along the I-76 corridor that is the source of all severe thunderstorms. I can’t count the number of times that I hung out at the Wal-Mart in Fort Morgan waiting out storms…

So, one more week until one more year until I go to the gateway of the world before I come back to build my own gateway to the world in Southern Colorado. Huerfano County is, unlike Morgan County, not the source of all thunderstorms, but both have become increasingly important to my life. I’ll talk more about these things later, but I will be producing a lot of power out of these counties, and ┬áit is not just the electrical kind from my northern Colorado and southern Colorado wind farms and solar farms. There will be a ton of sun and wind spills there.

So, I’m done with one class now and I have only four to go. I will literally be sleeping in a week from today and doing absolutely nothing of anything at all. Thanks summer. Next summer will be a big change with me being in the Big Apple.

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