Who in the heck did I name my bank after?

The flood of 2013 in September was a kind of turning point for my life. I started to understand my own loneliness in my life after the departure of Katie in my life. I met Katie McManus as a new Resident Advisor in the dorm that I worked in at the time. She taught me a lot of things that I hold to this day and her influence was felt throughout this year, even though I stopped talking to her at the end of my sophomore year, which was about a year ago today.

After she left my life, things changed in the way that I saw friendships. I did not see the people in my life in the same way that I used to see them. Up until that point in my life, I had many “teenage crushes” and Katie is included in that list. Now, the list has taken a new meaning in my life and I re-defined the list to reflect the changes in friends that I had in my life akin to the Continuum weekend. It took me a full year to realize that she would be the last of those kinds of friends. I found some measure of support through another underappreciated friend in my life at the dorms this fall and it was something that I still appeciate to this day.

While I set my sights on Katie, I overlooked another young woman at the dorms that I actually named by bank after.

There are a few parts of the Hite Corporation Family that do not seem to match the many Hite branded names that I have. One of the most important aspects of my corporation/supermonopoly/conspiracy theory is the bank that I am going to found. Saenz International Bank is actually the name of a good friend of mine that I also declared to be underappreciated to a large extent at the 2013 Distinguished Friends Awards.

I found some measure of comfort¬†through Katya over the past fall, especially after the extreme amount of loneliness that I found right after the flood. I just wanted some measure of purpose in my life and I wanted somebody that would be able to understand me. The reason that Katya and I never actually hung out was because of our schedules, but I’m sure that we would have had a wonderful time together if we did manage to find the time.

So, I’ve said this before with many other people, but I do believe that Katya and I have some sort of connection through our spiritual beliefs to a large extent and she reminds me of many of the positive aspects of people in my past. Because of this, I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and I offered to name something that I wanted to found after her. She chose a bank and I am still holding true to my promise. That is where Saenz International Bank comes from. It is from a now 19 year old that nobody knows about, really, but it is in the same tradition that I name a lot of things after important people in my own life. This is no different.

In life, there are some people that you hold in high esteem and do not contribute much to your life and there are those people that you largely ignore until it is too late. Don’t ignore those people in your life because it is easy to do.

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