How a school paper changed my outlook on life

I thought that I should take the time to talk about my second favorite county in Colorado to want to develop.

Here is my first:

C-City Metropolitan Area Alone

C-City Metropolis


Essentially, in Colorado, there will be two primary places of development. C-City will take the southern tier of development and the other tier of development will take place north of Denver. This area is already experiencing rapid growth.

I am also forming a green energy company that will essentially turn the entire state over to wind farms and solar farms. These farms will be to the east of their respective development areas.

Hite 1

The southern mega farm will be in Huerfano, Pueblo, and Otero counties and will supply the southern development tier.

The northern mega farm will be in Weld and Morgan counties and will supply the northern development tier.

Hite 2

The northern tier is much bigger because there will also be power generation for the southern tier in the massive San Luis Valley. The southern development tier is also going to be much smaller in population than the northern one.

Of course, that means that Morgan County is going to get a little population boost and a lot of financial backing because I will need a lot of people that work for my energy corporation to be based in the area. This theoretical power plant will supply all of northern Colorado and points east with green energy through direct current power supply.

Hite 3


As many in Colorado know, the Interstate 76 corridor is notoriously windy, stormy, and there is not much of anything going on out there. Now you will get windmills stretching along the entire corridor. Finally, something to look at besides farms….


Morgan County will also have up to 60,000 people living in the county. I will have to build an entirely new city to house offices, labs, and maintenance across the river from Fort Morgan. Today it is just known for a storm shelter. In the future, it will be known for giant windmills.

Why am I talking about giant wind farms in the middle of nowhere? Because this brings me back to a very important part of my year. Indeed, a defining part of my junior year of college.

Before Katie left my life in May of 2013, she told me about a little newspaper that I should be a part of. This little newspaper is called the CU Independent, a group of writers that I was involved with from November to April. Not only is that a major part of my year, but it also produced some great friends………. acquaintances? I’m still not sure.

I join groups mainly for two reasons, to contribute to a team and to make friends. When I was a part of the CU Independent, I felt like I was a part of something. Now that I am out of it, I don’t know if I was able to accomplish any of them.

This group was so important to my life thus far that is takes up a major part of the last chapter of my yet to be released book:

After the end of my friendship with Katie, I was at a loss and it seemed as if I had given up on trying at all. The last rejection was a turning point in my life and it was the signal to the end of the era in which I was journeying down for the past few years of my life. The next era would bring to me a completely different type of friendship, a different type of group, and a different type of perspective on my life. Although this new era would present me with challenges, it would also present me with a new opportunity and a new start to a life. The end of the era would bring it to a complete circle. This is where it all begins again.
The friendships I forged in the era after the end of my friendship with Katie were vastly different in form and in function than they were previously. There were some friendships that I made through mutual interests and for the first time, I have friends that share similar passions to mine. Although Katie and Sara started this process, my desires were not yet ready for what waited for me at the end. I came to a point in which I could unite my desires and my virtues.
I made friends through various mediums and groups. Notably, I joined the school news group and united my writing and passion for opinion and infrastructure with a group of people with similar passions for writing. This is just an example of many groups that I secured myself into. I no longer pretended to be somebody I was not. I left religious groups for good at this point.
Another note would be that I no longer centered my life on one person. I did not know at the time as to who I wanted to be with. I had many friends who showed potential and I chose to go after many of them so that I would be able to see what did and did not stick. I also practiced a large amount of self-control and kept myself busy. The people that I were after were also busy individuals. The fact that I found true friends and that I was in my place was very liberating for me, but the changes did not end with that.
I also embraced a new perspective on my life. Instead of being the one who was not in control, I suddenly found myself in complete control of my own destiny. Instead of having my life dominated by my animal instincts and my emotions, my spiritual side finally took control and I am no longer guided by emotions. The fact that I did not need others or groups to make me happy was very liberating for me. This is a goal that all humans should strive for and it is something that even the best people in the world have a hard time discovering. Many humans will not discover it at all in their lives. I now know the true purpose of my journey and I am now in the position to share it with the rest of the world. It is something that I will take with me going into the future.

– Entry 100 of The Journey.

The most influential person in that group for me was a young journalist named Alison who is from all places, Fort Morgan ^ That Fort Morgan that I will one day be centering a giant wind farm on. To most people, she was an intern for the Denver Post for the majority of the year. To me, she is one of a very few outside my family that I have ever met to treat me like an actual human being and was actually okay with the mistakes that I often make in life on a social level. She may not think of me as a friend and I respect that, but the way she impacted my life in a positive way is greatly respected and honored and the only regret I have is that I feel like I was not able to repay her for her kindness.

This newspaper and the people in that group impacted my life in such a positive way that my outlook on life changed and my view of true friendship changed, and that was through people that probably don’t think of me as a friend at all.

I may not always have a positive outlook on the paper and I see many flaws that I hope to fix going into the future, but I hope to use it to save the industry of journalists when I take over many of the newspapers around the world to form the Hite Media Corporation, whose headquarters was recently named after my journalist friend….. acquaintance.

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