Five Years ago Today

It was the weekend of May 9, 2009 and I was on a retreat in Fraser, Colorado. It was at this location that I would begin my epic journey. My life was about to change forever and I did not realize just how much my life would go in a different direction. I was also interested in enhancing my relationship with Shannon whom I have fallen for fast. I started to feel this way and I started to make decisions to change my life prior to the change of my life. I was also making decisions that would cause me to start emulating Shannon. I wanted her to be interested in me fast because I wanted her to be more involved in my life.
It was the night of May 8, 2009, and I was encountering a ceremony that was very important in the Catholic Church. It would be a ceremony in which music would accompany a ceremony where a host would be placed in a monstrance. This Catholic ceremony is very important to the life of the church. It was at a retreat like this that my youth minister and leader made his change so many years before. It was at an adoration ceremony that my life would change too. I was at the summit of the retreat and I was with a group of people participating in the same ceremony.
I was sitting there contemplating on my life and I started to see a vision in the midst of the crowd. A sea of light enveloped me and took away all the darkness of my life. Figures started to appear to me that were indistinguishable to me. I did not understand their words at the time, but it became clear to me that these words would hold true by the end of the journey.
The first figure appeared to me and said:
In the beginning was the creator, and the creator created the truth, and the truth had authority over the new covenant of the earth. It was in the beginning with the creator. All things came from the light of the creator. Through the creator was life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The creator shone in the darkness. The truth will be sent again by the creator near this day and age. The one who was to bring forth this truth was born of the mountains and was sent to testify of the ultimate truth. He was the light to come to the world. The world came through the creator, but the world did not truly know of the creator. He will not be accepted by his own guardian angels, but they will be at the end of the journey. But those who chose to accept his teachings would come to know of it, which is the creator. People would have to choose this. He was born of the earth and dwelled among all people and then saw his own purpose. This was who was sent into the land of liberty and to come to the new city and establish a new kingdom. The first covenants required laws and sacrifices, the second covenants required obedience and ignorance. The new covenant will be full of hope and peace throughout the entire world and unite humanity to evolve the race.
Of course, I did not know what the end of the journey would be like, but I was excited to begin the start of the journey. The second figure appeared to me and said:

You were born with a gift, the gift of light and prophecy. You lack with talking to people, but you shall bring forth a work beyond comprehension. You will die, but you will show people the true path to the light. You will make the path straight and broad for the people. You shall open the eyes of the ignorant, unite the people together. You shall end the suffering of man and show the true nature of the thing we all worship. The journey will start when you will be baptized and purified of the water and the spirit. You are lacking in seven gifts, but seven will come to you followed by two. They will come to you through the guidance of twelve young women.
It was at this point that I knew that I wanted to take on this life and that I wanted a real world example to follow. I inquired as to what path I should take so that I could achieve what I wanted to achieve and what my destiny in life was.
It was at this point that I felt something scratch my back. I assumed that it was Shannon because she was right behind me at the time. It was also at this point that the last spirit would talk to me in my vision. It was the Guardian Angel of Ephesus and she appeared to me and said.
I am the spirit of the first gift, and I shall bestow on you the gift of wisdom. You shall now see the work of the creator in your life. You shall now begin your journey on the path that will lead you to the light. I am on this path and I will guide you along your way. You shall lose me bodily but I shall send my gift to you and you shall know more than me someday. Do whatever your spirit tells you. You shall join me in the rituals. You shall fill for me what I am unable to do. You shall draw for me a large road map and you shall hide your final message to me in it. You shall lie to me and about me. You shall pay for your consequences.

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