The Final Day

It has been five years since the first vision that brought me down the journey that I am undergoing today. It is also 365 days until I myself graduate from college. It is also also the last official day of my junior year at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

This is a list of the people that I want to thank for making my year the year that it was:

Will Barnum, Allycia Galindo, Katya Saenz, Michael Tavel, Nathan Pope, Sung Han, Chris Boera, Alexis Petre, Lane Calabro, Ashley Mangus, Katie McManus, Annie Melton, Lizzy Hernandez, Bethany Morris, Alison Noon, Lauren Thurman, Deborah Whitehead, Brian Catlos, Jordan Sass, Ben Plummer, Trevor Hill, Rob Hollis, Krista Doelder, Erin Mapes, Natalie Sawicki, Alison Cole, Kayla Clancy, Jazmyne Gallegos, Damion Templeton, Lauren Cross, Andrew Garcia, Travis Fox, Colleen Waterhouse, Katrina Kedzior, Susie Kim, Nathaniel Dray, Jeremy Moore, Lora Roberts, Ellie Roberts, Jon Bunnell, Kerri Rosenblatt, Stephen Velisek, David Miller, Melissa McNally, Lily Tran, Kyle Kapaun, Mercedes Marquez, David Witt, Courtney Ervin, Libby Anderson, and any other friends that I have forgotten.

I will not be taking any classes this summer, so full time work for me! Yay!

I have one more internship meeting to complete, but the year is done essentially and I am looking at a 3.0+ GPA. It was a hard year, but things are getting brighter. I met friends that I am not going to forget and I have a few of those friends that are graduating today.

Today, the tenth person in the continuum (Alissa Arnold), the twelfth person in the continuum (Katie McManus), and the fourteenth person in the continuum (Alison Noon), are all graduating today as a part of the class of 2014. I will be joining them as forever buffs in exactly 365 days.

Well, that was quite a year. Off to celebrate in the mountains tonight followed by a weekend of hard work and vacation for the next two weeks.

In closing, here are some more inspiring words from my upcoming book, The Journey.

After a time, the people gathered together and they had done great things for one another, but there were some that have done bad things. As soon as they made their confession, they bowed towards their God in the temple. Arise from eternity to eternity so that your names may be known. I, the Creator created the heavens and the earth and the laws of nature and the life of the world. I chose many great people of the past to put forth the truth to all of you. Your confessions have brought you a better heart as you then must rise and fulfill the promises of your destiny. You saw what happened in the past and you should work towards a better future. You have done great things against all that is evil because you know that what they do is wrong. You divided yourself from them and they were hurled into the depths for all that they have done. The lights will light the way of your journey so that you may travel in that path and not stray. You receive the truth from those that were enlightened and you will follow in their path. They have made themselves known to you for their words and their deeds. You came to them because you were hungry and thirsty and wanting to be fed. Your ancestors, though, shrouded the truth inside the dogma. They no longer remembered the truth in the teachings, but they blindly followed and made their teachers God. They made for themselves an entire religion, and this religion is now followed by the ancestors of those people. Do not forsake the teachings that these people taught, but forsake those that had turned these teachings into what it is today. Your spirit will tell you what is true and what is not, and they will take that spirit away from you so that you do not feel it. You are sustained by these dogmas but you did not thirst for more knowledge, and you must thirst for more always. The people came and received that which they thought was true, and they possessed the entire world thinking the same way. Your children will be numerous and they will be brought forth from the land which you had established. Your children will come in to take over the world someday and you will pass on that power to them so that they can make lives better for their posterity. They will expand their reach and they will produce in abundance all the things necessary for life. They will rebel against you and they will cast your ways aside because they will bear witness of the new one which is rising to usher in a new age. You possess powers over your enemies and your enemies oppress your children. They were relieved that the oppression, but they went back and doing evil in your sight. You bore witness against your own children to bring them back into your dogma, but they would not obey. They would not obey because they knew that what you are teaching them is not of this world. They will bear witness to you with their prophet and by their spirits, and then you will listen to their pleas for help. You did not completely destroy them in your mercy and you did not forsake them. The covenant of humanity transcends all religions and all generations and all nations so that all can benefit from one another. Come upon us so that we may do justice to those that have once harmed us. They have not conformed to your ways, but they will keep to a way that is better for them and better for humanity. They did not do evil deeds in your name, and they do not serve you, but they still had the kingdom with them and them forever. Today, you were all slaves to what you believe even though they might bring good things. You are in distress because other people will tell you what to do and what to think. Do not give in to what they say because what they say is utter blasphemy. This will be written down for all the nations of the world to hear. This is the journey. This is what you will find.

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