Pokemon Rainbow Version Story

With the recent announcement of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, I thought that I should take the time to announce the story line for Pokemon Rainbow Version.

Because the mechanics are largely the same for Pokemon games, the most interesting part for me would the the unique stories that I am now known for. Starting in Generation Five, I have been introducing more and more uniqueness to the stories. Here are some from the past:

Star Ruby and Star Sapphire 2: Three part storyline

Topaz and Jade 2: Six competing factions

Star Ruby and Star Sapphire: The Sequel: Extended main story

Star Ruby and Star Sapphire III: Divergent stories, good or evil

Pokemon Rainbow will have a main story, but it will have seven side stories within it. The story would take place in Johto and will be a largely enhanced version of Pokemon Heartgold and SoulSilver Versions. It will also take place three years after the events of Pokemon Star Ruby and Star Sapphire III and will feature the regular gym leaders from the Johto story and have many characters added to the story that I know.

The main character of the game will still have the regular storyline. The seven side stories are based on characters that have either appeared in previous games or have been introduced especially for this game.

The seven characters are:

Silver: The rival of the game that is searching for his father, Giovanni, the head of the enemy team that is taking over Johto.

Katie: Katie came from the Vallejo region in the Star Ruby and Star Sapphire Series who is searching for Ryan, who is also somewhere in the region. She came to the region because of her fascination with the legend of the pokemon Ho-Oh.

Alison: She is a former enemy team executive who works for a local news organization and is also on the search for the legendary pokemon Lugia. She is also interested in the search for Ryan and is trying to reconcile with her past.

Adam: Adam is the prime minister of the Pokemon regions and is on the search for Ryan as well. The government wants to put him on trial for war crimes from earlier in the decade in the Vallejo region.

Katya: Katya is leading the search for Ryan in the region based on the rumors of his appearances. She is part of a team of people who destroyed the Vallejo region and were against Ryan.

Lance: Lance is the pokemon league champion and will directly help out the player defeat the enemy team of the region.

Ryan: Ryan is the missing person, the former pokemon league champion, governor of Vallejo, and is also part of a massive conspiracy theory. What could be the mystery behind the unassuming region?

It is unknown at this point how these stories will be intertwined. Many of the new characters will be based on all the people that I met in the past year and there will be many more stories. A complete list of characters will be added later. I will have many characters developed based on my time with groups and associates in various times of the past year. It is a large tradition that I developed over the years.

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