Resume Boosters

I have officially done a few things over the past 24 hours.

The most important thing is that I officially submitted my application to the CU Student Government for Four Executive Branch positions. They are the DIrector of Communication, the Director of City and Neighborhood Relations, the Director of Sustainability, and the Director of Community Outreach. They are based on the skills and qualifications that I possess.

To Lauren Cross and Bill Shrum, I may replace you one day very soon as a part of the CUSG. I would like to thank my mostly graduated frienquaintances over at the CU Independent, that newspaper that I have had a long and storied history with and to those who got me into the CUSG in a way that I would have never had the opportunity to do before.

I am also a couple thousand words away from completing my latest child book. The Journey may have 100 journal entries on events in my life, but I am now going in a different direction for my second book.

I have recently declassified 120 love letters to the first twelve of the fourteen of the Continuum. To the most recent two that were just nominated and accepted, love letters to them don’t exist… as far as the public is concerned.

The next book will be called Through Minds Eyes 2: The Letters. This will be in conjunction with the query letters that I am developing to submit to real people that can get me into the door. I will also be working on other projects as well. It will be a lot of hard work, but I think that it will continue to be a good resume booster.

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