Hite Corporation around the world

This is the dawning of a new corporation. This is the dawning of a new economy. This is the dawning of a new world. This, perhaps hundreds of years in the future, is what the world will be like.

In Beijing, a Hite Airlines jet plane leaves Beijing Daxing International Airport filled with business passengers. The destination, the headquarters of a corporate empire the likes of which have not been seen before. At the same time, a high speed train leaves for the United States from Beijing across the Bering Strait bridge. It is called the scenic pacific route and it will be in Portland, Oregon in about 24 hours.

In Cairo, the Hite Military Corporation closes off Tahrir Square… again. It is not for political reasons, but this time, it is for economic reasons. Like the rest of Africa, the Hite Corporation will invest trillions of dollars to rebuilding every major city on the continent, and Cairo will be the jewel of this African initiative, bringing in trillions of dollars into the economy of the world and bringing billions of people out of poverty. The Hite Military Corporation prepares for the developers to come in and completely transform the city, along with the rest of the Nile Valley and the rest of Africa.

In Lagos, researchers with the Hite Research Corporation find ways to continue to build the space program for the Hite Corporation. The biggest questions on life are being solved philosophically and scientifically in Africa.

In Rome, the Hite Banking Corporation begin to audit the recently bought out Vatican Central Bank as the doors to the Vatican are completely opened for the first time. It is a practice in democracy and a test of a new order of the ages. The Hite Banking Corporation is helping the rich of the nations… and the poor of the nations.

In London, a gleaming new city to the northeast called Charlottesport is home to the largest university in Europe and is now the center of the European filming industry. Here, the latest films are being produced using new and untested technologies.

In Fargo, North Dakota, the Hite Energy Corporation is building phase 6 of what has become the largest power plant the world has ever seen. It is completely run on wind and will supply all the power of North America. The goal is to harness the resources and the power of the planet to make a new economy.

In Manaus, Brazil, the Hite Real Estate Development Corporation is, like hundreds of cities before it, bidding to be completely rebuilt. The city along the Amazon hopes that the corporation will bring it out of lowliness and into the heart of a new tourism, resource, and research grabbing center of power. This success is based off the center of the worldwide corporation.

In C-City, a city that is yet to be built at a site in southern Colorado, a gleaming new city rises out of the plateaus and plains along the front of the Wet and Sangre De Cristo ranges to be the gleaming center of a corporation, way of life, and economic engine that will surely change the world.

If fully realized, this corporation, through four phases of development, a dozen major endowments, and a ton of mergers and buyouts, will become the largest corporation in the world. It will be the center of a new kind of business and will help billions of people make trillions of dollars. This will not be realized in my own life at the fullest extent. It will take hundreds of years and many generations of people who are just as ambitious.

This is the story of a corporate empire that will usher in the next stage of human society. At it’s core, the Hite Corporation is a real estate company that has investments in education, research, media, politics, banking, philanthropy, business administration, distribution, marketing, energy, and even military development. It will create a new class of people and will help people all over the world break the bonds of poverty. Through economic development and connections, it will allow countries and societies to develop their full potential.

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