Pokemon Rainbow June 2014

The prequels to Rainbow Version, Star Ruby and Star Sapphire III, the first games of my Generation VI set, is now complete.

Now I am focusing on my storyline revolving around Rainbow, which will be the sequel to the SRSS storyboard. Many of the characters will return, albeit with new pokemon that are native to the Johto region.

The storyline, which is something that I try to set apart from the mechanics of the game because of the general monotony of the game series itself, is going to be even more different than they were in the past.

The storyline, in addition to having eight different ‘characters’ and storylines within the game, is also divided up into 50 ‘chapters’. There will be more ‘story’ in the storyline and there will also be more characters than ever before. It will prove to have more drama, more adventure, and an ending that will shock the entire pokemon world.

The main character in the story will have different conditions from the other characters in the story in terms of pokemon availability and features, but the main character and some of the other characters will have different goals than the other characters, and these conditions will be reflected in later postings about the exciting storyline as well.

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