World Builders

I want to be a world builder. I want to develop economies all over the world.

One day, I will return from my time in New York, making a name for myself and establishing my corporation. One of my dreams is to move the headquarters of the Hite Corporation to a city that has yet to exist in southern Colorado. This city will be at the foot of the Sangre De Cristo, Wet, and Spanish Peaks ranges. It will change Huerfano County, among the poorest regions of Colorado today, into one of the richest in the country.

C-City, Huerfano County, Colorado will be the southern flank of the Front Range, which will have a population of over 10 million people in 30 years. It is one of the fastest growing regions of the country and it will transform the Colorado economy together. This “company town” will have a population of 2 million people over the entire metropolis. In addition to the Hite Corporation, it will also host a myriad of buildings and tourist attractions that are some of the richest in the world. They are dedicated to the people that influenced my life the most. The world’s largest ice arena, the world’s largest swimming center, and the world’s largest performing arts complex are statements of my love to people that influenced my life. It will also be an olympic town, with all major events designed to help the town to be the best in the world.

C-City will cost about 1 trillion dollars over a period of about a century. It will make the region one of the richest in the world and will transform the economy in many ways. Northeast Colorado, for example, will be the center of one of the largest power sources in the country. It will service theĀ Denver metro area, which will also experience massive development, with a renewable source of power. In another example, the San Luis Valley, one of the poorest regions in Colorado, will become one of the richest in the state because of the proximity of the valley to Huerfano County and C-City, Colorado. Colorado, however is just the beginning.

C-City Metropolis

Southend, United Kingdom… This region is just to the northeast of London. Among the rolling hills, a new city will rise. It will be the center of a massive shipping port, educational center, and transport hub that will serve as the headquarters of the European division. It will have about 2 million people and will cost a little over 2 trillion dollars over a period of about 100 years. At the center of this new town, Charlottesport, will be a port and airport built on a massive artificial island. It will give Heathrow and the Thames Estuary Airport a run for its money.


Cairo, Egypt…. This region is strife with dictatorships. I will one day declare all Egyptian monuments of strategic importance to my corporation because of its connection to western esoteric philosophy and western spirituality. As they are important to continued study and research, I will want to protect them… even from the Egyptian government. As this will put us in odds one day, I think that this will be a country that will be the host of a ‘corporate invasion’. If such an invasion is successful or if an agreement is to be reached, I will place occupation forces in Egypt with the sole purpose of protecting all of my interests. This will also serve as the catalyst for the Hite African Initiative.


Namely, this is a map of a 3 to 5 trillion dollar, 100 year, 7 phase project to rebuild all of Cairo into the headquarters of the Hite African Initiative. It will be the largest rebuilding of a city that I will ever attempt, bringing in 2 trillion dollars annually and will host 18 million people. Other cities along the Nile River valley will also be rebuilt using one of three different city development templates.

  • Phase Rebuild – This consists of cities that will be rebuilt in phases. Examples: Cairo, Kinshasa, Lagos, Pyongyang
  • New City – This consists of cities that will be built on an entirely new site. Examples: Alexandria, C-City, Charlottesport
  • Hollow City – This consists of building a new city around the old city and then tearingĀ out the old city to build a new city. Examples: Giza, Thebes, Aswan, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Gary

It is a part of an even larger project that will take many hundreds of years and will consist of all of Africa. It will cost up to 10 trillion dollars but it promises to bring huge rewards. It is the largest gamble in history, and only the Hite Corporation in a few hundred years would be able to do it. At the end, all of Africa will be a developing region and will allow the continent to bring out and produce trillions of dollars a year in exports and production. It will also bring out a market that is equal to the market of China and India combined.

africa highway

The project is so large, the highway system has not been completed yet. I will talk more about it in a future posting, but it is just a few examples of how I will be a world builder. I want to change the standard of living of every single person on this planet, and this is just a few examples of what I want to accomplish. I have plans for every country in the world. If you want to know what I have plans for, I will be more than happy to share my thoughts and ideas with you on how I want to improve the lives of the people in the countries that you care about. I will build cities, countries, and regions. The Hite Corporation is a builder of nations and of new nations.

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