So, apparently, I misunderstood the intentions of the University of Colorado Student Government. Because I applied for FOUR positions, I will be getting FOUR emails from them regarding my standing with the University of Colorado Student Government. It was communicated to me that I am not going to be the Director of Communications only, but the other three positions are still up in the air. My dream may still yet be resurrected, but I am still going to explore all possible options. I was not aware that I would receive FOUR emails because I thought that I would have been notified by today according to the interview that I had with them for all the positions.

Here are the current and actual standings:

Communications: NO

City and Neighborhood Relations: Still up in the air as of TODAY

Public Outreach: UNKNOWN

Event Planning: UNKNOWN

Again, it is my hopes that I will be among this group of people, but I will understand why I am not. I am well qualified for all positions that I applied for, but I will still try and see what is out there as well. I will be prepared for the worst, but I will hope, as always, for the best to come through.

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